Property Insurance

South Pointe has the expertise and resources to locate and arrange the best programs available while keeping your costs down. We can help you identify your key business exposures to customize the best program(s) for you while working with you to ensure that your needs and requirements are, in fact, being met.

Property coverage includes the following:

Monoline Property

Excess Property

Flood and Earthquake

Monoline Wind coverage and Wind deductible “buy-back” plans

Contractors Equipment

Ocean and Truck Cargo


Builders Risk

As a true “first party” coverage, your property insurance is there to put the pieces of your business back together after an unforeseen incident. While property insurance is a basic component of all insurance programs, there are hundreds of variables that go into developing the proper coverage for all of your needs.

If handled correctly, your policy will cover all of the expected and unexpected losses to your business. If handled incorrectly, your business can be left with serious deficiencies after a loss resulting from uncovered exposures. These uncovered losses can cost your business thousands of dollars and can inhibit your ability to survive an unexpected loss.

In Florida, and throughout the coastal areas of the southeast, wind and hail exclusions are common and sometimes unavoidable. Our staff has extensive experience in finding solutions for all types of property to ensure that you are covered for wind damage to your business.